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Why buy a Wood Pellet Stove? | Palazzetti Pellet Stoves now available from Stakelums

Monday, December 10, 2018 Customer Notice, Sales & Special Offers, Stoves & Range Cookers

Palazzetti Pellet Stoves is now available from us here at Stakelums 

 Palazzetti Pellet Stoves

You may ask yourself why buy a Wood Pellet Stove? 

  • Heat in a matter of minutes at the touch of a button
  • Heat that can be programmed to the temperature you want it, to suit your particular lifestyle 
  • They burn Wood Pellets which are available in 10Kg bags - Fuel cost under 30 cent per hour (based on current pellet prices)
  • A standard bag of pellets will burn for up to 25 hours without you having to refuel the stove so they are convenient, very efficient and clean 
  • Almost no ash is generated (approx. half a cup based on 25 hours burning time)


Why a Palazzetti Pellet Stove?

  • Palazzetti have 60 years of experience designing and manufacturing fireplaces and stoves. 
  • The Palazzetti Ecofire Pellet burning stoves are substantially different from other Pellet Stoves available on the market. The fan can be turned off in these stoves. Other stoves only have the option of turning the fan down to minimum speed. This produces greatly reduced noise levels. 
  • As the fan can be turned off there is less electricity consumption, making Palazzetti Wood Pellet Stoves more energy efficient and cheaper to run. 
  • The Palazzetti Wood Pellet Stoves can be installed in areas where other traditional pellet stoves may be a problem because of noise of fans.
  • Pellets are fed into the stove using the Star Feeder System. This is an exclusive innovation that offers real advantages in terms of performance and maintenance. It produces a more regular and aesthetically pleasing flame.